Spitting mad, I certainly was. I could feel the sizzle and crackle building up within me. I had arranged a mail order of goods early November, for delivery the beginning of December, with a company that has an enviable reputation and a certain international caché . And no, it was not Harrod’s of Knightsbridge.

Long Distance Phone call:

2nd December 2009. “Indeed madam, all the items of your order are here ready to be sent out to you”.

…….”I requested delivery the first week of December, please expedite this order”. “Oh, it looks like someone has written this up for between the 1st -7th December…….”I will flag up the urgency of the order for you”…….
“Thank you”…….
“I wish you a happy Christmas Madam”.

7th December…. No sign of any goods, they are now late, and I am in a position where I start making deliveries of gifts tomorrow, the 8th December, with none of the gifts I selected.

Another Long Distance Phone Call.
“Let me see if I can find your order madam”, I give her the order number and she tells me one item has been sent. I remonstrate; …”sorry, yes, I see everything has been sent”………..
“When?”……”It has been sent out by our courier service”…..
“When?” …….”Hasn’t Parcel Force left you a note? I’m tracking the order, just hold please”………
“No I don’t have a note from Parcel Force, (couriers) now when was the order sent from your shop?”…….
“I’ll pass you on to my supervisor to speak to you”………
“Hello”……….” “Now, please tell me when my order left your shop”……”The 4th December Madam”…. “That was Friday, today is Monday 7th December, the order is already late” I repeat the history.

“Are you going to arrange to perform a miracle of delivery; we don’t have weekend deliveries and is it already early evening on Monday 7th?”

“We have tracked your order to the courier sorting hub, the packages have been mis-sorted, they do not have them, at the moment they are lost”.

I was very, very cross. I cancelled the order and with the remaining hour of the business day, I went out shopping to find some replacement gifts I could wrap up tonight. I tried to obtain some similar items to my original ideas, which was difficult, as my choices and ranges are limited.



  1. Hi Adam,

    Put well, in basic and blunt terms; yes, you are right.

    Have I calmed down; a bit. The additional disappointment is, that these were specially selected items to suit particular people, to cheer them a bit, following difficult times. This is not easily reorganised to suit in the same way.

    I’ll live with it.

  2. Hi Munzly,

    I don’t think the repayment should be a worry. I have been told my card will be reimbursed within 3-5 working days. The company is, I believe, trustworthy enough to honour that. It would be more than it’s reputation is worth, not to.

    Thank you.

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