The ingredients were all there, the surprises, the magic, the pantomime dame,(British style, of course) comic local references, good giggly humour, lots of audience participation and some wonderful kids from the audience, who made great little impromptu comedians.

There was a talented cast of adult who who were encouraging the newer amateur dramatists to develop for future roles. There were lots of dancers from the local population, real looking people, not audited ‘beautiful people’. Their enthusiasm, the obvious fun they had while dancing, was infectious.

This is the Pantomime season here, in the run up to Christmas. There is one more local pantomime to enjoy this week. Quite honestly, I have no desire to go to a professional performance, not when I can support great local talent, and have such a happy,lovely, fun time, shared with lots of other people and their children, all within reach of home.



  1. Wow! Hi P how are you!!!!? Great to hear from you again.

    The panto exceeded my expectations. This troupe produced a dire one a couple of years ago, (well, under its name really)and I promised myself I would not go to another. Friends manipulated this experience and I am very glad they did.

    In case you don’t call in between now and the rest of the festivities, I wish you a very good Christmas, a peaceful and happy 2010.

  2. Oh Adam,

    Oh yes you have…….you probably lived one too. I know I have, not such a gleeful experience, more the dark type. I much prefer the joys of kiddies – of all ages – pantomimes. Two days to the next one…

    🙂 x

  3. I reckon you could do with the simple uplifting humour of a pantomime, everyone gets something from a good experience. Laughing and giggling are extremely good therapies. I’d recommend them to anyone. If there’s any reason for ad libbing that too can be hilarious. :yes:


    ‘Teacher’ to daft class; “who was the first woman on earth?”

    Shout from the audience, a young primary kid’s high pitched voice…….”Joseph!”

    Laughs all round the auditorium

    ‘Teacher’ turns, obviously a bit surprised by unexpected interruption to the flow, looks to roughly where the answer came from….

    “You should be up here”, thumb pointing where the daft class were sitting.

    This actually happened at the first night performance we went to this week. It was sweet and funny.

    Next panto in two days’ time. I wonder how that one will go.

  4. I haven’t seen a professional panto since way back when! I think they can be a bit darker with the story lines, (which are not so innocent anyway)and less slapstick fun.

  5. This brought back a lovely memory of village Christmas Concerts when I was a boy. They were such fun to watch and as a child so exciting to be involved in too. I can still remember the thrill of being up past your bedtime all made up and then the curtains lifted and the lights were on you. People talk a lot about community but events like that were genuine and helped to foster a real sense of belonging amongst all involved whether young, older, richer or poorer and I am glad that something such as that is still part of your experience.


  6. You’ve almost convinced me :yes:
    I am supposed to be booking for the xmas show at the Leed’s Playhouse which is ‘The Secret Garden’ but this is a musical play rather than a panto…I could sneak in to see Cinderella though which runs in tandem with it;)

  7. The first panto was great fun, though I am still coughing from the reidue of the pyrotechnics. I guess whizz bangs won’t be a feature of the School hall, where the next one will be taking place.

    This year’s county tally of two pantomimes, will have featured Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood.

    You’ll find Tim, out in rural and remote areas in the UK, there is still a strong desire to communicate on many levels and in diverse ways.

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