“Hello, good…er….” mumbling and rustling of papers heard in the background; “…..mm”.

“Yes it’s still good morning, otherwise I’m running seriously late”, I say down the phone.
“Ha, ha, of course it is, good morning….how can I help?”…..
“Just checking if you are serving bar lunches in the run up to Christmas”.
….”Serving till 2pm”. I hoped his clock wasn’t on Antipodean time.

This bit of repartee reminded me of a notice I saw recently, giving opening hours for a fish and chips take away.

1pm to 7pm


0 thoughts on “TIME HAS CHANGED!

  1. ASDA at Handsworth, Sheffield, where I had my run in last week, advertise “7 day a week 24 hour opening (except Sundays)” with no reference to Sunday opening times. I regularly drive past around midnight on Saturday nights on my way home from stockcars and it is always closed. It’s lies.

  2. It’s amazing how time is truncated in reality and stretched for public consumption. It demonstrates educational deficiency on the part of the perpetrators of these mythical periods, and because of that they probably have no idea how daft it all looks to people who are not educationally deficient.

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