Whatever Tiger Woods is perceived to have done, there are men who would envy his stardom and what it enables him to do. I do not subscribe to this chauvinstic viewpoint. Whatever your moral stance on others’ behaviours, there are some very important things that the golf fraternity, big business and media moralisers should take account of.

Tiger Woods has put golf on a different footing in the world sports sphere. Even if you are not particularly interested in the game, it cannot be easily denied that Woods has brought a fizz and some glamour to golf that did not previously exist. The guys that are making money denouncing him, are the very people who have earned large sums of money from his existence. They are the ones stirring up the public, it will be short-lived financial gain. They will undoubtedly miss Tiger Woods and the steady stream of income they derived out of his existence on the golf circuit.



  1. Ditto! The REAL IMMORORALITY resides no in Tiger’s reprehensible behaviour – however one wishes to view his misdemeanours – but in the Hippocrasy which pervades ‘the money-grabbing world..’ 😉

  2. The fact that Thierry Henri has cheated hundreds of thousands of football fans by diving and feigning injury to achieve success on a football field hasn’t stopped him being rewarded massively for purporting to use a Gillette razor. Hypocrisy is ignored if the end result is financial gain.

  3. Thierry’s case has been handled differently because he is in Europe, and as far as I am aware, has not been made a paragon of virtue to suit the sponsors and the culture they reside in.

    While I have sympathy for the family, who probably have had to tolerate reprehensible behaviour, the visible public bigotry and hypocrisy extant in this issue is insidious.

  4. Not all of it is necessarily ‘religious’ based! Our Personal and Collective ‘Value systems’ need to be addressed. We don’t need to be kow-towed into accepting the all pervading ‘moral ethos’…

  5. I agree. You will see, I purposely did not focus on religion, precisely because there are many belief systems with a range of sources. As you are probably aware, a bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own, whatever they are, and for me,together with the evident hypocrisy, that sums up much of the media, corporate, individual and group behaviours we are witnessing.

    I hesitate to say it, but it appears there is a type of fascism developing in the way sentiments are being whipped up.

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more – and this applies right across the intellectual spectrum; a reluctance to ‘be open’ – really ‘open’ to alternate thinking; which, in my book is a sign of insecurity/uncertainty about one’s own tenuous views…..Obviously many would deny that…which is often a sign of ‘tender spot touched’. 😉

  7. It is a very worrying development; being open to alternate intellectual thinking most definitely has its boundaries. I guess you would expect every kind of thinking to have societal boundaries, but it is where they are set that is open to question, who sets them and on what basis.

  8. ‘Open-minded’ has definitions, boundaries and barriers all of its own. Philosophically-speaking. this area could have a circularity of consideration and end up at the extremes.

    However, one hopes that having a more open mind, will tend to considerations that a closed or channelled thinker might not embrace.

  9. I’m much more inclined to ‘the open mind’; spent too much of my life at the other end…;) I am very wary of ending up at extremes….my mind seems to gravitate to – thesis….anti-thesis….synthesis…;)

  10. the majority of people do modify in time, usually through experiences age and infirmity. I wonder though, with the number of apparent zealots and megalomaniacs of a certain age that we are seeing, who are urgently holding on.

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