There it was ready to be used, a roll of double-sided sticky tape – a delicate width, not plumbers heavy duty stuff – and I felt like a kid let lose in tinsel land. Tinsel of all shades had been stuffed into a bag, which in its turn had been unceremoniously stuffed into an overhead cupboard (closet) out of sight of the light of day. Now, I had a new use for a little bit of it.

There were gold trails over the chair where I had placed the tinsel and on the floor, where, as I cut various lengths, the freed glittering golden fronds had fallen. The room almost looked messily festive.

Suddenly, my paper covered parcels were transformed into eye-catching gift wrap, with the assistance of a little well appointed sticky tape, upon which, a golden flare of decorative tinsel sat tight. It took hardly any effort, and seeing the packages come alive gave me enormous pleasure


0 thoughts on “A KID IN TINSEL LAND

  1. It was sheer delight. I have not enjoyed parcelling up gifts for a long time, but seeing these last few parcels enlivened, by a teensy weensy bit of simple artistry, was most enjoyable.


  2. The shop assistants will wrap for you over in Holland, they use whatever paper you want and any other tags, labels or decorations. It’s all part of the service. No extra cost. I asked a young lass in WH Smith if they had a wrapping service and she looked at me as though I’d asked her to take her knickers down.

  3. Hi,

    A few of the shops here offer a gift wrap service, usually the little more upmarket ones. We only have three chain stores in this small town and one of them is a pharmacy.

    You didn’t really expect W.H. Smith to have a gift wrap service did you? Why change habits of a lifetime. They never have gift wrapped anything, having started out as newspaper retail and wholesale suppliers. The same mentality prevails, even though the company has now widened out its retailing activities. They’ll sell you the makings for doing the wrapping yourself. Even Boots Chemists don’t do gift wrap, and they have more reason to offer it.

    When I lived in London, some of the large stores offered the customer a complimentary service, or you paid for wrapping up a gift. Smaller stores were more amenable, like here, because they have to work to please the customer.

    One lady had to convince me that wrapping an item I had purchased would be lovely. The manner in which she did it was great to watch, and the final result was what I would have wanted.

    I find that some of the staff in shops that offer to gift wrap, have absolutely no idea how to wrap, let alone present anything that looks effective. On a few occasions, not only have I guided the process, I have physically assisted with it to avoid a total mess. I then titivated things when at home.

  4. It is a delightful idea isn’t it. I learnt that one from a lady in a shop, who had to convince me to let her gift wrap the item I bought.

    I was so lucky to be able to buy the very last roll in stock of double-sided gift tape, from one of the local shops, else I could not have had all that fun.

    Other people were hunting down tinsel, without luck!

  5. I understand where you are with gift wrap Lilian. I used to enjoy spending time presenting items in an special way. With what seems like tons of parcels to do each year, (married into it) I have become hyper-sensitized to the activity.

    Last year I returned to pretty parcels. Again, I got fed up with the sheer numbers and time they took. This year, I was enthused by a jolly lade in a jewellery shop, who was speedy and used little to ‘spice’ up packages. So, I had a go with a few, but only a few. That’s it now for this Xmas.

    Birthdays, are another story and they do not all come at once, so I might just twiddle around with ‘decor’ for them…I’ll see how I feel.

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