There it was ready to be used, a roll of double-sided sticky tape –  a delicate width, not plumbers heavy duty stuff – and I felt like a kid let lose in tinsel land. Tinsel of all shades had been stuffed into a bag, which in its turn had been unceremoniously stuffed into an overhead cupboard (closet) out of sight of the light of day.  Now,  I had a new use for a little bit of it.

There were gold trails over the chair where I had placed the tinsel and on the floor, where, as I cut various lengths, the freed glittering  golden fronds had fallen.  The room almost looked messily festive.

Suddenly,  my paper covered parcels were transformed into eye-catching gift wrap, with the assistance of a little well appointed sticky tape, upon which, a golden flare of decorative tinsel sat tight.  It took hardly any effort, and seeing the packages come alive  gave me enormous pleasure


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