It is tempting to describe our scenery as a Winter Wonderland. Yet I hesitate to do so, as it does not quite seem that way. Sure, we have had a fair drop of snow, there has been a blizzard-ish scenario on and off, so that means there is, and has been, snow drifting off the fields. A touch of rain soon turned to ice underfoot, roads became lethal and so on. It does not add up to a wonderland does it.


0 thoughts on “SNOW DROP

  1. Only if you are inside and don’t have any shopping to do, work to go to, animals to see etc.

    Here, it has been disappointingly grey and cold and rainy, so very much the nadir of the year, which is I suppose appropriate – ‘things can only get better’, as that awful Labour theme tune went so many years ago.

    Which reminds me a a suitably bleak joke my sister tells:

    “Cheer up, things could be worse” – so I cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse. 😦

  2. I think next year will have that touch of humour about it and one or two more to follow. Whisht… we have survived the past recessions, (not the same as 1939, admittedly) but nevertheless we did it with all their attendant difficulties. We can do it again!

    So, onward and upward to the light, preferably longer daylight.

  3. Well my lovely ex and I celebrated a joint Christmas together today so had a white one. We went for a wander at Insole Court and The Bishop’s garden so had a bit of Winter Wonderland despite negative side of weather…

  4. Such a stroll sounds lovely. I would have enjoyed that. I did get out for a walk when the snow first fell in some depth; it was certainly more enjoyable walking than forced knee-high walks in bracken and spikey dead heather.

    I don’t dislike snow, it can be so very beautiful to tramp through and enjoy, if you also have a healthy dry Alpine atmosphere to go with it and a bit of Winter sunshine. (Is asking for sunshine too much?)

    What bothers me is the potential for accidents when you have rain or sleet in-between snowfalls that freezes over, leaving you with a lethal combination that no-one would choose to negotiate, if they didn’t have to. Then of course, there’s the black ice…..

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