Ye Gods! If we are thrown into the jaws of our regional news producers I dread to think how the presenting standards,(leave aside item selections)will evolve.

Last night we heard about a guy who was shot dead while sitting in his car in a shopping store car park. Background information told us that this guy had been lucky to survive a similar shooting once before.

Okay, so far so good.

We then hear that this character has a history of kidnapping, serious assaults and connections with drug dealing.

The reporter continues: “This crime is a serious one, and is outside the law”.



0 thoughts on “IT IS OUTSIDE THE LAW……IS IT?

  1. Yes..your rumour is confirmed. I can see why, the American public, being so perverse and segregationist in a variety of respects that it requires particular figureheads to motivate such groupings into positive action – it cuts across all the lines.

  2. BTW, I went to the link you gave me for emoticon downloads; it was 1) not accessible; 2) access denied.

    That sounds like more than my computer A/V system at work. It might be worthwhile you checking and doing a computer scan at your end.

  3. You will notice – when you have the open page – there is the line…’code’; you want to choose html (just click it); then click the ‘smiley’ you wnt and the code will appear in the ‘code bar’ – copy it, as normally, and paste it in your post or comment…
    Try it with the ‘Standart’ selection….

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