It was painful being out yesterday afternoon, and looking out of the window, it appears that today won’t be any better, worse in fact. Wind chill; I thought I had got used to it, but then yesterday’s outing made me wonder.

Thinking back on it, I pegged some washing out on my line in the morning. I reckoned there was enough of a ‘breeze’ to encourage some drying even if the tips of the grass did look frosted. As my hands became quickly stiffened up with the cold, one by one, I dropped items of washing. Brrrr…. I hastened back in the house, but, the washing – not a lot – was out to dry.

Back to the afternoon; we thought it would be a nice togetherness to be out in the winter sun, enjoying some of the brightness that is so sought after in these parts in the Winter months. Even though I was well padded up, it felt as if I couldn’t pull my bright red beret down far enough to feel warm around the ears. I even wished for a scarf, yet my collar has an inner knitted band!!! Mini winds (not breezes) cold blasted like a sharp razor into you. Why was my cerise woolly balaclava languishing in a cupboard, on a shelf, instead of covering my face and head?

Acknowledging that this outing was giving us a bit more than we bargained for, we thought about a bottle of mulled wine sitting in a cupboard and decided to go home.

As We sipped the mulled wine, a nasty, growling, freezing gale, could be heard building up outdoors.


0 thoughts on “A NICE TOGETHERNESS

  1. This time of year nothing beats sitting by the fire with a glass of mulled wine you have had a particularly cold spell menhir in Scotland lets hope the weather warms up soon ..

  2. You are so right Lilian. Not only did we enjoy our mulled wine – just one glass, no more! – we didn’t find the spare hot liquid glass till today. It’s not something we do very often, so on the hunt for the 4th glass tonight, we discovered at some point, someone who had kindly washed it up, had put it away in a spot not usually used…the glass was well hidden.

    If the level of wind chill holds up for very long, I might just get used to mulling over my wine. :yes:

  3. It really was; I felt I was glowing several degrees warmer, quite quickly.

    BTW some of the emoticons don’t work on this site, I discovered. I guess the gubbins here like relative simplicity.

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