Burns night celebration suppers to venerate The Bard will be happening tomorrow and Saturday in Scotland’s communities. Haggis’s (or is it Haggi) are flying off the shops shelves. There’ll have to be some extra haggis shoots organised. It has been difficult to find the size of haggis I want in our stores. I found one haggis, 30% extra offer, not a company name I have ever used, wrapped in plastic shaped like a huge sausage, the image of one of those meat rolls you buy for dogs. I’m sure Rabbie Burns would lose his gift of the gab if he saw it. No self-respecting haggis would admit to being one, in that guise. Now, really, how can I present such a travesty of a haggis at my table on the 25th January, (the birthday) as The Great Chieftain of The Puddin’ Race?



  1. Ah yes, I’ve heard that can be a problem. Haggis flying off the shelves that is. It’s a fundamental error not to clip their wings properly before putting them on display as I’m sure you know, being a true scot……

  2. You know WZF all sorts of bits of the haggis – the good looking ones – are clipped, but not the wings. You’d have thought the retailers would have sussed it by now.


  3. I know what you mean – horrid looking artificial things, and I would imagine being encased in plastic rather than stomach, probably all soggy and mushy when cooked.

    I see one can join in a haggis hunt here – but I have no idea why there is a picture of 3 duck-billed platypuses at the bottom of the page!

  4. I think you will find the pictures you refer to are representative of the haggis Lois, especially when you study the wee bodies. You really should avail yourself of the haggis hunt sometime.

    It is a while since I registered the haggis lore in my grey matter, ’tis time I re-acquainted myself with it.

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