I managed to get some pictures of the Suffolks with their lambs from a distance. They still weren’t in the ideal position, (Click on link for the reference).

Suffolk Mum and lamb

but they were a little more obliging today, than on my previous attempts to take their portraits.

Suffolks and lambs

It seemed one ewe was on the wrong path to find her own lamb.

Not  related

There were also a new pair of wobbly leggéd twins, (different breed)on a first outing with their mum.

First Outing



  1. The temperatures dropped today, so no lambs out to play. I hesitate to describe us as having Spring, springing or otherwise yet.

    Animals can be like little children, anywhere except where they have been, when a great pic could have been taken.

  2. This is our neighbour’s farm.

    This was also about a three hours window of bright weather yesterday. Spring is not here yet. The temperatures have dropped again. When I see some growth of grass in the fields, some settled patterns of weather and temperatures, then I will think Spring might have arrived.

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