Why is it, the phone usually rings at an awkward moment?

Either your hands are up to their wrists in water;

You are either in a bath or shower; or,

Just finishing your personal wash, and are dripping wet;

You’re at a critical juncture in creating something in the kitchen; or,

You are pottering with soils etc in the potting shed; or,

You are using the toilet.

Then there is the urgent phone tone in the early morning, or just after you’ve gone to bed. Personally, I think those two are the worst. Receiving a call in our hotel room well after we’d started to doze off, around 11pm, did not create quite the same anxiety levels, just a bit of annoyance at our plans to get a bit more rest being thwarted. We did not have the expectation that we were likely to be contacted for any urgent purpose……..yet, we could have been.


0 thoughts on “AWKWARD TIMES

  1. I had a few call from an errant brother last week. He got the time difference wrong and rang at 04.30, 05.30 and 06.45. Each time I dozed off inbetween and so felt terrible when the alarm went off at 07.00. Not heard from him for ten years wanting to borrow money as down and out in Bangkok.

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