Oh dear…it looked like my computing life was over, at least in the short term. I am still not sure if I will be temporarily bowing out, not intentionally you understand, but as an unintended consequence of trying to keep my creaking PC jogging along for a while longer. Tonight, things are looking a little fragile but hopeful. Tomorrow, finally, I shall know which way the dice will fall.

On Wednesday, driving a two miles an hour trip over a scarified road surface with the merest of steps, (you couldn’t describe it as a ramp)caused an unusual sounding “bump -thump”. It had to be something in the boot, I thought. “Bump-thump” continued on bends, but not on the straight bits of road. I started to pay heed as it became a more persistent sound. I drove up a sharp gradient, “Scrape,bump,bump-thump,thump”. I parked and saw an insecure plate. Oh! 😦 By the time I had negotiated mini speed bumps and had parked for the night, the noise was fearsome. In the dark it appeared I had a bit of car hanging down to the ground.

In daylight the bit of car looked no better. An old elastic hair band came to the rescue, securing whatever it was off ground level to something or other. At the garage, a gruff man put the car on a ramp, had a quick look and got a lad to tweak. Came back out with the car a few minutes later, setting the car nose forward for me to drive away. “No, there’s no charge, it was an inconsequential plate worked loose”, he said, as I tried to go and pay at the desk. I offered the man of few words my hand, he took it,I covered it with my other hand and I expressed my sincerest, grateful thanks. This taciturn man’s face broke into a huge beaming smile. It was great to see!


What do the computer and the car have in common this week? Repairs.


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