It is only about two weeks since I wondered out loud when I was going to see my first local snowdrops. I have heard via the various grapevines that they have been flowering well for sometime in the softer Southern climates of the U.K. This week, I have seen the little heads appear through the blades of grass and burst into clusters of white porcelain bloom. The best displays nearest to me, are to be seen in one walled garden that possesses several old trees, close to the riverside. The snowdrops seem to flourish there.

The next delicate flower will be the bluebell and also white-bells. Perhaps they have another name. They flourish in the same setting as the snowdrops do. However, they do seem to be more prolific. Last year nature provided a glorious bluebell walk for me in a wooded glade that was created very many years ago, and remains standing, even in our exposed and harsh weather conditions.


0 thoughts on “A DELIGHT OF NATURE

  1. Well I am off today to hunt for snowdrops. There is normally some (what is the collective noun for snowdrops?) in a damp woodland by the Cardinham Water stream. Light should be good as it is overcast. Just need to winkle son off Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 so that I can get out!

  2. Collective noun – now let’s see, one snowdrop is a snowdrop. More, could be be a cluster with an added ‘s’ to pluralise ‘drop’? I’ll leave the remainder of the trail of thought with you.

    The Call of Duty stuff, seems an interesting way to teach propaganda.

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