Has anyone, who uses Gmail and Google for various forms of communication discovered how to opt out of ‘Buzz’?

There appears to be an automatic opt-in which has caused uproar and was thrust upon the public against the advice, (and warnings) of people who deal with privacy issues, no doubt, a great number of them being experts.

The story goes that 20,000 Google operatives excitedly tested Buzz, the allegedly new alternative to other well known chat fora, like Facebook and Bebo They concurred with the Google boys creating the new Google toys that it was the bees knees and would be the greatest thing since sliced bread came on the scene. They clearly failed to take account of the real worlds of people.

The spokesmen for Google clearly stated today on BBC Radio 4’s media show, that the Buzz opt-out, which was there all the time, but was well hidden, (suppressed buzzing you might say) is now more up front; in other words it should be visible. I am still seeking.

So back to my request; please has anyone discovered how to opt out of Buzz?

:crazy: 88|


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  1. Log in to your Gmail, go to settings, which will bring up a yellow page. On the top line, which starts “General” with a load of different links, Buzz is the last link. You can cancel from there.

  2. You’re welcome. I’ve disabled anything that can be and hidden the icon, but as for turning it off or opting out….. those elements are as yet to be found :**:

  3. Thanks Japes.

    The problem was, when I was trying to disable Buzz, it was not on there, settings was the first page I went to…it seemed logical. I have disabled odd bits and hidden others. I shall go back to it again.

  4. I have done that on the laptop now, Mr F, presumably, it will be so for the desktop as well. The warnings about deleting profiles etc is a humdinger. As I haven’t got a public profile, nor have I buzzed, I am not too perturbed. The last line says it won’t affect other googling….let’s see.

    It is dubious behaviour. I understand that other social network sites have been taken to task over privacy issues, but only after major outcries. Opting out is getting to self-preservation levels, and quite difficult.

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