We were informed on the front page of the midweek local paper that the expected national budget cuts would undoubtedly affect local cultural organisations. This was juxtaposed next to a day of lectures last weekend in celebration of Darwin. As we don’t have oodles of funding for our local cultural life, we’re not hearing anything new. The local community will still pull the occasional bunny out of the hat, it always has.

I valiantly continued to digest the highlights of our twice weekly local rag, (it was a newspaper once upon a time). Thinking about the level of the subjects covered on the inner pages,you’d have thought we lived in the Wild West….. junior version.

Reading on, there was a feature on the failure of a chiller system in one of the grocery stores, leading to there being some empty shelves.

πŸ™„ :**:


0 thoughts on “WHAT A RAG BAG

  1. Flags are working well on both sites I use; flag was more obvious and straightforward to install in the other place. Some really interesting flags are coming up there. πŸ™‚

  2. I suspect a great deal of it is laziness – I’m sure there’s good news out there, it’s just that nobody seems that bothered. Much of what passes for news nowadays is what my grandmother used to call tittle-tattle. πŸ˜‰

  3. Good news doesn’t figure in the media unless it’s part of an obituary, or considered part of a silly season. It’s patronizing what the media think we, the reading public, want.

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