John Venables AKA….? one of two boys who were convicted of killing toddler James Bulger when just aged ten years old, themselves, has been out in the community on licence for about 9 years. These men, as that is now what they are, are 27 years old. There would have been all the usual parole licence conditions and undoubtedly a few additional ones. His mate, of a similar age would, like him, have been living in the community for a similar length of time. We haven’t heard anything about him, so it is probably reasonable to assume that he is abiding by the regulations under which he has his relative freedom. Note, I use the qualifying term ‘relative freedom’. The Media have been pushing hard to be informed of the reasons for the recall into custody.

Because of the kind of crime committed, these two young men will be required to fulfil the terms of any parole licence, without fail. A missing of a supervision session without good reason – probably needing evidence – not complying with an instruction about travel, visits and contacts elsewhere, not informing the probation service of changes of address, details of whom they associate and live with, their work and so on, perhaps even some kind of curfew order, would all have to be strictly adhered to. Keeping on the right side of law and order within tight parameters is an over-arching requirement.

It is not usual to publicize reasons for recall. Of course, if there is the possibility of some legal proceeding pending, it would be inappropriate to divulge that information into the public domain. Venables AKA…? will have to answer to a parole board enquiry, also, it is highly likely that lawyers for all parties will be pouring over attendant issues. None of the principles to obtain an unbiased hearing of any kind should be compromised by feeding the curiosity of the media.


0 thoughts on “VENABLES RECALLED.

  1. I agree that the media and therefore the public should not be informed of the circumstances of his recall but i think the mother of James Bulger should be told as im sure this has stirred up mixed emotions from her and i think she deserves peace of mind that justice has been served.

  2. I understand your sympathies, however, in this instance informing anyone of the why’s and wherefore’s prematurely is not advisable.

    I am curious as to how the media got hold of the story in the first place, as the recall did not happen today or yesterday.

  3. I agree with your point menhir but the feeling of revulsion of such a dreadful killing of this little boy is bound to cause concern as to his whereabouts….

  4. There have been children killing children even more recently than this case and well before. It will always cause revulsion.

    Venables’ whereabouts is less of a point of concern at the moment, we know he is in custody. The concern will be for his safety in an adult prison, he was released into the community at an age when he would not have really experienced that. Whatever we think of him and his past deeds, every effort has to be made to keep him safe, and it has to be seen to be done.

  5. According to SKY (The Sun in different but equally obnoxious garb) it was to do with downloading child pörn. When he goes to a prison, surely he has an even greater chance of being identified? Given that most prisoners would not bat an eyelid about identifying him and his whereabouts for a few £k backhanders, it won’t be long before the unscruplulous newshounds sniff him out. Then what? It shouldn’t be such an issue seeing as we have been informed they have both served their sentences, but he has deliberately broken the rules of his release, and seeing as HM Govt. are paying for his new life whether behind bars or behind a PC, so he becomes public property. It has to be seen to be done, yes, I agree, but I doubt anyone would bother if his life was made worse for his sins.

  6. Many of the more general points you make about the penal system leaking like a sieve, I have also made.

    We don’t live in a string ’em high society, but the base instinct of the mob is being stirred in every way possible at every opportunity, and not just in the present case, either.

    There are other issues,legal ones. If there is to be justice seen to be done, (emphasis on ‘seen’) there needs to be a lot more measured media behaviour. The tabloids are ratcheting up the emotive game and selling more copy, their main concern, of course. Who the media manipulate or what they compromise, is not, as they see it, relevant to them.

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