They have to enlarge their membership, open it up to all groups in society. The British National Party (BNP) constitution has been through much scrutiny by Britain’s judges. To be recognised as an official political party within the legal parameters, this political group, who have been proud to stand for a white only Britain for the true British, are being forced now, to open their party membership to all ethnic groups. According to the news, one charming feature for prospective members is/was a visit by two BNP members.

The BNP have run up costs of £60,000 in producing new constitutional submissions for acceptance by the courts. This party is being brought into line kicking and screaming all the way. It is difficult to understand why anyone who isn’t the ‘desirable’ skin colour, or, why any non British ethnic group, would choose to put themselves forward to increase the membership of the BNP. It is this perhaps, that they are relying upon. Some individuals, will no doubt, attempt membership of the BNP to expose their lack of sincerity. On the other hand, a membership representative of a broad spectrum of the population, if it happens, may bring many uncomfortable truths into sharp focus.


0 thoughts on “BNP REVISED?

  1. The strange thing is, I bet some people of asian origin will agree with the stated policies of the BNP. In the 1930’s, many Jews thought nazism was the dogs danglies; trains on time, full employment, leisure clubs etc until after kristallnacht, even then the true evil of nazism was kept concealed by the nazis as much as possible.
    It’s the unstated policies people must be aware of. As bad as people think the Tories and Labour are, their hidden policies will at worst involve fiscal deprivation.
    The point is, this nazism thing was the 1930’s, which was 80 years ago, 3 going on 4 generations, yet still these idiots with posters of Hitler, swastikas and the typical SS soldier profile images on their bedroom walls, want to recreate the same 1930’s 1940’s conditions.

  2. You raise some interesting points. I am currently reading about the development of relatively recent European Antisemitism to its apex in the Holocaust. All is not quite as it appears. The few that could leave their domiciles, others who were forced (pogroms) did move on, from the late 1800’s onward. Some eyes would have been blind many others not. People tried using their skills to try to influence outcomes. To outsiders it looked like myopic collusion. The prejudice was so ingrained in the state machine for centuries, it sadly, was ripe for using.

    We could easily return to the worst excesses given the current political and economic circumstances unless awareness remains high and ignorance is not taken advantage of.

    I saw a feature on E. London a decade ago, where families from the sub-continent were being wooed,(seduced) by nationalists. Remembering that the families were traditionally patriarchal, the males of the groups were being ‘educated’ to specifically seemingly attractive features of the policies. The selected men had some functional language understanding, I don’t know if the women had. The comprehension was not enough to understand what was being sold to them. The exercise was horribly cynical. Numbers translate into votes don’t they.

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