It tastes lovely, said hubby………. I allowed a little smile.
Why is it so white? ……. My attempts at carefully masking the anaemic colour with a little turmeric had obviously failed.

It’s at those moments of mini potential cooking disasters, when a hundred and one thoughts come to mind at high speed.

Well, I explained, … all the contents of the pot of cream plopped out into the pan. I turned the little pot to take out a couple of spoonfuls and it all slid out. I saw the little top hat of cream sitting on top of the fish and just decided to go with the flow.



  1. well how lovely that he made the effort to make you feel good about it…. ! I have had many a cooking disaster and watched as the other half valiantly battles through saying.. mm its fine darling! actually now that I think about it, its always involved cream… hmmmm

  2. I finished off the leftovers for lunch today which were quite nice. In daylight, it had quite a pleasant colour. This says something about the energy saver light type we have from our bulbs. Anything slightly yellow, would look a strange white even under street lights. Beware when touching up the make-up at night by the light of energy saving light!

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