There are gales; during the day there have been heavy downpours interspersed with cold showers of rain; there has been hail. During the week we are to expect light snow falls. Tonight, our clocks move forward by one hour to welcome in British Summer Time……

I’m off to bed to get my beauty sleep, and hopefully have the energy tomorrow morning to embrace our wonderful new Summer season.



0 thoughts on “WHAT TIME DID YOU SAY IT WAS?

  1. With that point, I agree, especially morning light which is safer for our kids going to school, and early morning workers to get to their daily grind.

  2. I feel for you folks in Scotland SNOW is forecast 🙄 lets hope its just a few flakes British summer time has begun a hot summer is forecast!!! that usually follows after a harsh winter ….says me hopefully :))

  3. A bit of warmth would be gratefully received. Heatwave….not usually the same as in the South, but nice warmth for a spell would be really helpful to everyone’s well-being.

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