In my mailbox today, I received an invitation to buy an intoxicant that has been very much in the headlines. I recently wrote a post on the subject (Click on the link). In case the link does not work, (it has been copied and pasted) you can find the post dated 17th March 2010.

I have no doubt that a scan of the name of the substance has generated this unwanted invitation,(which is why I am not repeating the name) to buy at cheap prices, pure stuff, next day delivery.

Details have been passed onto Blog UK, and do hope something can be done about filtering such a mail, which for me, is a particularly obnoxious variety. Meantime, I have also reported the mail as spam to the email provider, a web based one, in addition, I have deleted the ‘comment’ from my blog site. These steps are, I think, all that I can take at this point.


0 thoughts on “OBNOXIOUS MAIL

  1. Agreed…I am most unhappy at receiving spam to buy noxious substances; it can be more obnoxious than the porn stuff.

    Hope your day works out well. x

  2. Oh this one, Bushka, was a blatant sales operation; you wouldn’t have needed a magnifying glass to recognise it. There will be people, the young that we are concerned about, and experienced users, anywhere, not just this site, that will latch on to such an offer. It is too readily available.

  3. what amazes me is why they post these things – presumably there are enough silly sods out there who will actually follow such links – which is, when you come to think of it, rather alarming. Thank you for being so vigilant!

  4. This one, Tylluan, is a drug that begins with ‘M’ that is used in and for agricultural and gardening purposes. It has been very recently highlighted in the media, and continues to be. In one sense that is good, it has raised public awareness, the another aspect it is not good. The media push the agenda so that it is not properly worked through by thorough expert opinion. The drug is currently legal in the UK., in the complete sense of not being criminalised in any way. It has not yet got onto the statute books.

    The whole kit and caboodle is up for grabs and there are plenty of ‘silly sods’ who will do just that, and legally.

  5. The suppliers, who can currently sell cheap and above board, are taking every opportunity to sell noxious substances to anyone who wants an economic high. So attractive is it, that it has brought experienced heavy drug users into the fold, as well as young people who want to experiment and those who follow peer activity, and so on. This is all at a lower cost than other addictive drugs around. The price of heroine, I hear, has lowered due to poorer sales.

    The stuff is legal and totally unrestricted in the UK for now. It therefore becomes a moral and health issue for individuals and an educational campaign to reach a larger audience. Filtering becomes a ‘freedom’ problem in the present circumstances; anti-spam is the only route open at present, to block such offers of purchase.

    What a conundrum!

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