It’s not worth hitting the front page of blog as the information is usually unreliable. Active Users is a case in point. When was that data cleansed? I would venture an answer of never! There are always figures shown as active users who are not active users, people who have openly moved elsewhere, or people who no longer blog.

I have no idea what turgid technology is in use, but if the front page programming can’t be accurate, it would be better to re-design it or not have it at all. It makes you think that BCUK does not have very many active users.



0 thoughts on “TURGID ACTIVITY

  1. What concerns me deeply, amongst other things, is that there were active users who have died. I hope the scrolling ‘active users’ detail does not bring them up. It would be awful.

  2. That is very interesting….I suspect, BCUK can only know they had died…if/when they are informed….I had a blogbuddy whom I had to delete from my friends list because the name was still there…the person had deceased…:)

  3. Indeed.

    I have had two blog buddies who have died. A third one who scrolls round as a regular user has not been heard of since one of the buddies passed on; they were special friends.

  4. I don’t know what’s happened to the blog in one case; I have closed down my connection with it now. There is no contact, sadly, from the third person who was a special friend of the blogger.

    The most recent one, that remains with the family (and requests from friends) for now.

  5. I have “my blog.co.uk” as the favourite and never look at the “real” front page any more. As you say, it seems to be stuck somewhere in the last decade, if not century.

    I am definitely not deceased, but somewhat taxed by work and domestic arrangements at present. 🙂

  6. Lois, it is good to ear from the keyboard your lively soul.


    The concern lies with those individuals known to be deceased and those who are known not to blog on BCUK, being offered out as active and regular users. I don’t think the autocue programme, or similar, is, as you say, in this decade. I have a feeling that BCUK wasn’t even an embryo before that.

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