While most of the UK appears to be ‘sizzling’ in a balmy 22C we are having heavy rainfalls, due to turn icy again over the weekend. The silver lining is that the horrid abrasive dust from ‘unpronounceable name’ Volcano in Iceland, is being washed away from surfaces. Where to, is anyone’s guess. Meantime, the Icelanders have had to close their airport at Reykjavik because the wind has turned in their direction and the dust is blowing over them.

It suggests to me that there is every possibility that when the wind moves, and when the Volcano gets busy again, we could be in for more deposits of volcanic dust. Who says the dust is only in the upper atmosphere. In case it has been conveniently forgotten, what goes up, must come down.


0 thoughts on “DUSTING OFF

  1. Thanks; the volcanic eruption and dust etc is bound to have some effect on future weather patterns; what and how, remains to be seen.

    I sincerely hope the winds stay favourably in other directions.

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