Today I was up at the farm, looking at the lambs that are being cared for as orphans. Some are not, their mums could not feed three, some ewes could only support one lamb. There were a few very small ones and a couple of cutely mottled black and white faced lambs that were quiet though were curious. The others were very noisy the moment a two-leggéd ‘animal’ came into view. I heard that these quiet lambs were not taking sufficient feed. They were probably affected by something like baby colic.

The lady farmer has an uncomfortable tum in the mornings. She hit on this simple idea; the morning product she used, which settled her tummy, she thought, might work for her lambs. With a big grin, Mrs Farmer told me that she went to the local store and bought extra amounts of it, and has found that Actimel has worked wonders. 💡

The beautiful upright black ram which arrived on the farm last year has not left a great deal of evidence of his fecundity. Another ram had to help out. Clearly, he has been selective about the company he keeps and which woolly ladies he performs with. Next year, it is threatened, he is going “to be put out with Angus”.



0 thoughts on “WORKING WONDERS.

  1. Uhm, nope…a bit too busy and can be noisy at baa, baa maternity time. I neighbour a farm. There’s enough distance for it to be interesting to observe. The farmers’ are very hard working and are tired now with disrupted nights and earlier than usual mornings for many weeks.

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