This morning dawned with Scotch mist in abundance. It was mild.

By lunch time, visibility had set in, though it was dull. Temperatures had dropped.

At tea time, about 4.30pm., I was too late to buy a cup of coffee from the one baker shop in town that makes a decent tasting brew.

The Caffé of Italian origin, over the road from the baker shop was open. Its leisurely elevenses flavoured coffee just didn’t suit my mood and need at that time of day. Because the offerings in the town hall café are variable and I find the ambience a bit odd, it didn’t come up on my refreshment radar.

I wandered around the local clothes store to gauge what was on offer; there was nothing exciting since I last glanced in, but, there was one interesting garment design. It occurred to me that there should be regional differentiation in chain store retail clothing markets, to match seasonal and temperature variations. We had early Summer wear on sale, when it was still icy and temperatures were hovering around zero.


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