There is calming sound emanating from my radio. It could even be karmic. Just about anything has got to be superior to the other media programmes pussy-footing around pretending not to saying anything about what they call ‘the big day’, oh and saying nothing, which of course, they are not ❗ Work that one out.

The guy I heard, who said the hamlet where he lives had received no visits, no posters, ( did that include mail shots I wonder) sounds like he lives in paradise. It can’t be a social vacuum, because he was able to be contacted by the media.

There is very important news on the world stage, an important chunk of it, not so far from our shores. Dear me, the navel-gazing has really befuddled any useful thinking.

Everybody else can stay up and watch the antics on the television. Here’s one person who won’t be. I’m sure the presenters will have lots of self-fulfilling and gratuitous fun.


0 thoughts on “CALMING OR KARMIC

  1. p.s. We heard from America at 8pm our time tonight that they were being told, the vote appeared to inconclusive! As the polling stations still had to 2 hours to go, I would say that was a safe reserve betting position, wouldn’t you.

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