Having got used to cold temperatures and the continuing need to wear at least two if not three layers, I was surprised to find that today;

The spots on the windows were not rain;
That the sun really did mean to shine;
That the wind kept low, almost non-existent.

I trotted out in a skirt and lightweight shoes, wearing a neat woolly jacket and what I hoped was a jauntily tied mottled green/navy scarf. It felt like good mild healthy weather and I enjoyed my walk.

Imagine my surprise when I checked the temperature. It registered at only nine degrees Celsius! Tonight, we took advantage of the continuing good weather and made a nice circular walk. The thermometer gauge had dropped to seven degrees. With clear skies, it promises to be a really cold night, about one degree.

On our walk, we counted out the newly laid TEN speed bumps, down at the harbour road. This has pushed the two and four wheeled ‘racers’ one street back, where people live. Clever that. There’s another road that accesses the harbour. it used to be very quiet; not any more. Anyone who values their vehicle exhaust pipe and body work, or bicycle wheel, now uses that route. Wherever did intelligent social planning go?



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