The consistent insinuation of ‘Open zone’ is superseding the secure system that I have access to at the moment. Every occasion so far, that I have switched on the computer and accessed the internet, the pay-as-you-use ‘Open zone’ has forced its own priority. Sure, I can switch to the other provider I have set, so far, that is what I am doing, though, I feel I should not have to. it is an annoyance. However, hubby cannot get past the ‘Open Zone’ ‘viral’ behaviour on his system. I have set up the access manually for him, it is still overridden.

As the internet set up in this place is not one that I am familiar with, as my laptop did not automatically offer up new choices like it usually does, neither did hubby’s like his usually does, (we’re using different computer platforms) I am puzzled by the worming in of two pay-as-you-use-on-the-move, internet avenues, both belonging to BT., (British Telecom) which neither of us want. Interestingly, the router to which we do have secure access is provided by the ISP, who just happens to be BT.


0 thoughts on “WORMING IN

  1. It’s not my ISP, (I am delighted to say!) it’s one I have been given access to while away from home.

    You’re absolutely right about trust and BT, those two conditions do not align, in my view, either.

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