Be careful what you wish for”. This mantra, stated so many times during the recent political campaign in Britain, was another manner in which the broadcast and written media tried to apply influence ( fear) over the voting public.

I freely admit that I have, with variations, got what I wished for. Click here

The post was written on the 18th April 2010. By then, quite early into the final stage of the election campaign, I was totally anti media, in particular, the written media ‘ barons’ who had let it be known in no uncertain terms that they intended to be the king makers. They are domiciled out of the UK, they influence editorial choice and thought, and think they have the right to create our government to suit themselves. Something very similar can be said about the global bankers. This is governing without responsibility. I, for one, was not going to use my precious vote for that!

It is far too early to assess how the new coalition government in Britain will perform, (some call it progressive government). Our voting system has not lent itself to shared politics, apart from in war-time. We have some idea of what the initial intentions are, but they are only intentions. There are plenty more of those. It will be a case of wait and see, wait and see who is praised and blamed for any unpopular intention or policy that is actioned or imposed. In the present financial situation, there are likely to be many budgetary constraints imposed. There is a generation that has not experienced a recessive economy, for very many of them, it will be a very painful experience. It won’t be much fun for the rest of us either, we are bracing ourselves. Sadly, there are still the ‘lost generations’ of previous recessions who they will join. There are people out there, who see the impending cuts, the likely tax-raising measures, as an opportunity.



  1. Yes…. hope you are stocking up; post-budget will be ‘interesting’.

    I am undertaking a bit of serious retail ‘therapy’ to last for a few years. So preparing the bunker, like you.

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