Those of you who know my blog, will also know that I rarely post a video link. When I do, it is because it is something truly original or very, very special. The link being posted here comes, I believe, into those two categories. It is a beautifully devised and poignant piece spoken in English,(made in Ireland) with sub-titles in Italian.


0 thoughts on “MAKING A ZEST FOR LIFE

  1. The answer to the question you pose; do you mean where do you get the zest for life, the film, or whatever message it gives you? ❗


  2. it was lovely. I liked the little touches like showing the household ‘treasures’ and the judge’s face when told to go for it if he got the chance.

  3. Yes the features of the home were a clever touch; as Nick Parkes was involved in this production, you could see a 1930’s setting similar to those used in Wallace & Gromit. It dated the activity in a particular time that also gives out a strong generational message. The sentimentality was so right.

    The preparation for the court hearing with that ‘tough’ judge was another great manipulation….his face was a joy when invited to enjoy life at their age, in the way they did! I loved the neat little nudge to the police (authority) to maintain some decorum and respect.

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