There’s been too much domestic technology this week. Certain parts of the UK are slowly being brought into the digital age. We decided to cave in and get a new TV just in time for switch on. Do we need an external aerial? Maybe not; best to wait till the two switch over dates have passed and see what happens, we were told. Okay, they’re very soon. Meantime, I am wondering if the new technology warms up to the full bloom of colour, (it does seem to) or if it’s hunting for brilliance. The bobbing from horizontal to stretch limousine style pictures I can temporarily live with, since I don’t watch much on the box, (ooh I can’t say that now, it’s not a box)….. Darn, that’s another change.

Our new router is ever so easy to set up, said the salesman. Are they ever! Not if you have some old technology in the house which stubbornly refuses to acknowledge anything except through a lovely yellow cable. A specialist arrived tonight to unknot the blocks. To work, the router’s new age security level had to be reduced a bit, but then the equipment had to be set on a slightly different technology footing as well. Either that or buy another new computer…. too expensive, so no, not for now. An obscure setting was causing bother as well. Oh, and just for good measure, the system password had to be modified to match the restyled arrangements.

I’m not sure why my old printer isn’t talking to my programmes. It’s probably kicking up because it’s competing with a new one. I haven’t got my head round it yet. It’s still got plenty ink in the cartridge, (its mono so no colour worries there) and I intend to use up the ink before the printer – wobbly on its metaphoric legs but usable – bites the dust.


0 thoughts on “IT’S THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF…

  1. Almost… it would have been so much easier if it had been complete.

    Thanks, if nothing has gone awry with all the complex configurations I have had to play with, we should be able to settle down and enjoy.


  2. Hubby has just put his head round the door to say something I did was okay…fingers crossed it stays stable. His I.T. stuff is the problem.


  3. …would be lucky, but there is no ban. There is a reliance on digital business picking up for a while in some locations because of the changeover from analogue broadcasting to digital. We missed out on the lower tax rate though. It was off-set by buying an item that was a 6 months old model that was reduced in price, which, as happens, is actually better than the new one replacing it!

    I think there will be other ways to control the economy, an obvious ban on buying goods won’t be on the agenda, personal control on discretionary spend will have to prevail as, my guess is, incomes will be strained and constrained.


  4. Please keep me up to date with an occasional account of how things are going in the UK. NZ got a rightwing government over a year ago and people are not happy. They wanted change from a ‘nanny state’. What have they got?

  5. You can also find me on blogspot, if it is easier for you, under

    We have a coalition in its infancy at the moment. Our first real budget controls are awaited and the pressure groups from both within government and out of it are ratcheting up their games. What was voted for was ‘a plague on both your houses’ as they have been, by the country at large. A change of style and behaviours was demanded. The resultant vote may go some way towards creating a centre left/right balance, with a control on the excesses of both far left and far right imbalances. It would be really refreshing to see adults talking and negotiating with one another instead of being combative. I am pretty sure, nannying won’t be part of the agenda.

  6. I did not understand your comment to the post; it did not relate to the event. Thinking it was yet another spammer, I deleted it.

    I have looked at your blog.

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