A post script to my last post:

I have been proved right in my thinking about bird tactics. This morning, much to his annoyance, hubby found two chubby blackbirds under the net yomping on the gooseberries. One slipped out of the ‘protective’ netting as he approached, the other bird, in a bit of a flap, hit the inside of the net twice. As hubby went to help it out, it managed to squeeze through. There is now a search underway for finer netting. Some fine mesh fishing net would probably do, in the absence of anything else.


0 thoughts on “CAUGHT IN THE ACT

  1. You will know what I am talking about Miza, if you click on the link in the first sentence. I did open the note by saying it was a post script to my previous post.

    The birds are free.

  2. My mother used a very effective defence against birds on the strawberries. She set up a system of thin canes between the rows and then stretched a random web of black cottons between them. There was no need to make it bird-proof, because it scared them away as soon as they touched the cottons, which being black they couldn’t see well enough to avoid. Hardly any ever got caught in the mesh, so it was better than a net all round. After a few tries they got the message and went somewhere else. 🙂

  3. This sounds interesting Munzly. I’ll mention the idea to hubby. ❗ The bush is his baby. It is against a wall and growing out of a concrete crevice, therefore, there could be challenges attaching the cotton strands to something.

    Old ideas do come into their own, don’t they. :yes:

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