I grimly grinned when I saw what was in the letter that I received from Portugal. I don’t have any regular communications with Portugal. That alone raised my curiosity and my suspicions. As it turned out, rightly so. The contents suggested I had won very many thousands of Euros on something equivalent to a postcode lottery, without my personal participation.

For confirming my identity details, much as you would with a bank,including at least one photo identity document, I could ask, via a second form headed with their agent’s details, to have lots of money transferred either to a bank account, if I supplied details, or, I could request one of two types of cheques to deposit the winnings myself. A London office address was given, it has been verified. The identification information however, was to be faxed to Madrid, Spain. So where does Portugal fit in?

This is an active SCAM doing the rounds headed International Lotto Commission.

I have reported this correspondence to Consumer Direct; there are regional numbers which can be obtained via the internet. The guy I spoke to, drew up a case number for future reference, did not instruct me, though he strongly advised I do more research on various web sites. We also discussed the possible, (I think undoubted) risk of taking up this offer of winnings. “Remember,” he said, “you were entered into this, you did not enter it yourself,” and for further emphasis, “they entered you…”

Fair enough.

This scam is being reported to the Consumer Affairs Office in London by Consumer Direct, for them to follow it up, if they can, at the official office address given in the letter.



0 thoughts on “SCAM WARNING – DON’T BE A VICTIM !!!!

  1. Yes I totally agree menhir these scam people never give up šŸ™„ I was once sent an email from an australian company to use my bank account for transactions and they would pay me if I did this !! plus the charity calling me for funds for an english charity but calling me from Thailand šŸ™„ as if…..

  2. It is galling isn’t it, and especially when they are trying to muscle in on charities.

    This is the first scam letter of this type I have received. I hope it will be the last. In the past, I have had phishing emails. You get better at assessing them, but when you are a very new computer user, it can be difficult to distinguish was is real and what isn’t. Apart from gullibility, the scammers are relying on all other weaknesses.

  3. we used to get a string of them from Nigeria – said to be the world’s leading scammers! They should always be ignored and I think it’s great you went to the trouble of reporting them and warning us. Thanks

  4. The world capital of scam focussed their campaigns on the UK, by phone and internet, to the point where investigations were undertaken by large internet organisations, sadly, they also led to fortress P.C. All that security, ant-virus, anti malware and so on. Russia has also been a useful home for scammers and misusers of the internet. China is in the picture too.

    These other scams by letter, phishing via snail mail, are like rotten tentacles sucking in the vulnerable, notwithstanding that they are tempting one of the acquisitive human instincts. Then, there are those that play on sympathy, asking for charitable donations – admittedly some are thinly disguised, badly written begging letters.

    I hope the warning about the ‘Lotto’ scam I received will be read and avert some personal harm. The first office I reported to specialised in victims, and they gave me the contact details for Consumer Direct as I did not fit their criteria victim service! That tells you a great deal…it is sad.

  5. Indeed…I hope all the other randomly picked people who receive similar letters don’t respond. It is clever, you are not asked to give bank details if you don’t want to, alternative payments are offered. Some people will be attracted by this. That being so, you confirm your existence at your location, you also give I.D. information, that’s a valuable commodity in itself, and the rest will follow.

    The listings of scam lottos is phenomenal.

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