The new digital TV was set to radio broadcasting this evening. The ‘real’ radio in the kitchen was switched on too. It became very irritating to have an overlap of vocabulary sounding out. It was as if there was a permanent stutter at the ends of syllables or trailing at the ends of sentences.

Knowing that it will be 2015 at the earliest till we are switched off from analogue radio broadcasting, I was relatively sanguine about the time lag in the two broadcasts. If it is not sorted out by compulsory radio switch over dates I won’t be so tolerant of it.

Those of you living in the UK, will have probably become aware that there is a campaign underway to tempt the suckers, that’s you and me, to part with analogue radios now. Manufacturers and retailers are desperate to keep up sales. We are told that our old analogue radios will go to a great cause, giving people, like those living in Africa, equipment they have not yet had en masse. Participating shops, we are told seductively, will give a £10 credit for a trade-in against a new digital radio.

Excuse me for not being excited or seduced by this sorry sales pitch. Stuff it, I am really not interested! I can obtain at least five more years of use from my old analogue radio, it might even be longer……. My radio has served me well and will continue to do so.

When digital radio broadcasting timing has been perfected, (if it ever is) someone can let me know. I will need assuring. I like Big Ben to be “boinging” on time, not several overlapping seconds late. I set my watch by the final hourly chime of Big Ben.


0 thoughts on “STUFF IT …….I AM NOT INTERESTED!

  1. You know menhir I love the old radios nothing wrong with them at all you could tune in so easily and find your programme now its all digital memory etc if you lose that you have to start all over again grr…

  2. totally agree. Am very annoyed about it all. In a few years it will all be something else again instead of digital, and we will have had to give up our analogues – which work perfectly well and with which we are very satisfied – for nothing! In a democratic society I resent being told I have ‘got’ to do something which affects our leisure . Vive les analogues!!!

  3. I love your reply; it conjures up senile radios. 🙂

    I once owned the precursor to auto programmable radios; it was semi-manual. I loved it. It had all wavelengths, I got a lot of pleasure from the radio. It remained loyally productive for just over 15 years. Another old radio, manually programmable, does well. I am sure it will give up the ghost in the next couple of years. It won’t owe me anything. The tuning knob allows for fine tuning that is difficult to obtain with auto tuning.

  4. Hi Gillyk,
    This is about freeing up wavebands for sale (market forces)and putting dosh into government coffers. More difficult areas of the country, those that receive lots of broadcasts from elsewhere, places like London and its surrounds, are being switched off analogue TV around 2012. I was informed that 2015 is the earliest date being mooted for radio switch-off as there is still work to be done on the broadcasting technology…..and how! Of course, we are told that we are getting something truly better than we had. It assumes we all want the same thing, lots of channels with offerings of variable quality. It is too soon to comment.

    This whole process is being foisted on us. I don’t remember voting for it. I share your annoyance.

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