I was talking to a family geek about the two phones, The Apple iphone kit and Google’s Android. It was said that there was in-built advertising on the one,the Apple. There was a certain naiveté, I felt, in suggesting that Google were not exploiting similar potential with their product.

A little bit of research revealed that Google had already got underlying ‘acceptable’ ads behind their system. I’m not sure who the ads are acceptable to. The Google underlying adverts would be installed with the same rationale as Apple has, a profit motivation. In this, all phone manufacturers and resellers are playing the same game. I guess I.T. organisations will be telling mankind that all marketing is good for the soul. Will it become the next ‘must have’, the next faith forum?

There’s a lot to be said for staying with a good old fashioned cell phone that just makes phone calls, if anyone can remember what they are. And for a bit of added excitement, a wee facility to send text messages would be useful, though not essential, since voice messaging is bound to be in the bundle.


0 thoughts on “THE NEXT ‘MUST HAVE’.

  1. I recently updated my steam driven mobile phone. Until now I’ve had a drawer full of free upgrades from when I was in business and I just swapped and changed as the mood took me (not very often). Not that any of them were very special. Now I have finally stepped more or less up to date with a Samsung smart phone. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say it makes and takes calls, browses the web and sends and receives e-mails. Having said all that, I still hardly use it……….how is it that some folk never seem to be off theirs? I just don’t get it. It seems to me that people mistake all this banal remote chatter for meaningful communication these days. Still, it’s keeping those in the telecommunications business in work I suppose………

  2. Ciao,

    Nice to hear from you.

    I have had the same thoughts as you about the meaningful nature of constant nattering on a cell phone. The quality of the chat, when you are in the unfortunate position to hear one side of it, is highly questionable. Maybe it is substantial enough to the caller and the recipient. It is a subjective consideration.

    I was told when abroad in a particular country that the phones come into greater use in certain areas, mostly for texting and checking out messages. I had noticed this phenomenon and asked about it. The reason for the increased activity was that the zones were designated for free cell and wifi use, a bit like the hot spots we have, but with more free, on offer.

    My phone stays my phone, sometimes my use is negligible, as are my bills, a good reason for keeping my set up the way it is. If I want to email, (I don’t play games) I would use my computer, for one thing, it is easier to read text on the screen. I wonder if emails via cell phones are reduced to the level of text messages. But then again, to be perverse, my texts are like concise emails, very concise; the core guts of the communication and no more, for example “call me”: “STYL”. “Be with you at …” Quite telegrammatic, really. My emails are more expansive, taking the place of a letter, say.

    Keeping with what I do and have got, I guess in the larger scheme of things, I do my wee bit to keep the telecommunications industry afloat.

    How’s the course?

  3. Just finished the last session of the second year 4 weeks ago. Now on vacation waiting for marks on two pieces of work and then assuming everything’s OK I’ll be going on placement in September. I don’t know where yet, but I’m hoping for a mental health agency as that’s my specialist pathway. After that it’ll be a mental health module, the dissertation and graduation next June/July. Doesn’t seem that long since I sold the business and went back to school!………How are things with you?

  4. Hi,

    My life is totally different to yours and your near future one.

    I have worked in most areas that you are likely to have intercommunications with. A friend recently completed her MHO training at level 11. It’s half of a Masters. She was working in an MH team while doing the course and because of getting used to the job, finishing off an adoption case from the previous office, the challenge of the level of study, travelling and family issues of her own, she was regularly mentally and physically exhausted. Her last combined module (practice and academic presentations) was her best, in that by that stage, she fathomed what the presentation structure required and did not have any competency re-writes.

    Where I live, degrees are 4 years, I did a double take when you reminded me you’d be done and dusted with undergraduate study next year, in year three. Social workers can take a specialist relevant degree like psychology, criminology, sociology or similar mixes, and add a social work qualification to it a co-related professional/vocational qualification with practice placements, arrives with the degree. It avoids the need to go onto a one year post graduate course, for those students who do get onto one of those courses.

    Mental Health is an very interesting pathway to choose, I firmly believe that many problems have their roots in differing levels and presentations of mental ill health, temporary or more long term dysfunctioning. There are some very complex areas of assessment and planning in social work in general, but there are so many cases that emanate out of some level of mental ill health, whatsoever the cause. Spotting the difference between mad and bad is a fascinating skill. It is easy to be unfocussed about any of this, learning how to manage work with and understand your work will be tiring, challenging and fulfilling in its own ways.

    I look forward to hearing more about your progress. Good luck with your assignment results, which I am sure will be just fine.

    🙂 :yes:

  5. I’m definitely challenged by the constant progress of technology. I used to find something exciting and toy-like about all these new inventions… but then it got to be too much, and now I’ve gone back to using just those tools that can add something of importance to my life and my activities.

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more. The challenges keep us alert, but, as you rightly say, there is a time in life, when the developments need to be useful to us.

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