In the 1970’s I was given a third hand moquette three piece suite. it was made with a beechwood frame; the suite had generous arms and very deep supportive backs. However, it did need re-upholstering. Till I could afford to do that, it was covered in a man made fibre, wine red (probably a Shiraz!) coloured stretch covers.

I did consider buying another suite, but at that time, one of a similar quality cost vastly more than the proposed re-upholstery. All the furniture frames needed tightening up. The wadding was still good, and encased, as the old suites were, in a horse hair cloth. Where a bit more wadding was needed it was done with newer materials. I was sitting on framing if I did not add other loose cushions because the originals seat cushions had disintegrated. It was imperative for new ones to be made.

About thirty-three years later, during which time, there were toddlers and children doing what kids do, (steam cleans in-between were great) the well-worn and well-used furniture suite was in need of revitalising again. We adults were physically changed and found the low level seating quite awkward to raise up from. Additionally, the deep supportive backs were beginning to show signs of shape-shifting.

The furniture could not be passed on to anyone else because it did not meet present day fire certification standards. Regretfully, we had to see it go to a local official tip. I silently waved goodbye to a lot of memories.




  1. Yes, relationship to ones personal objects is always tied up with memories.

    The acceptance of doing the deed didn’t take too long, it was the actual seeing of the departure of the largest piece of the suite, that churned a bit.

    The replacement is really good.

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