A force six Southerly wind, overcast skies and rain greeted us this morning. Then I managed to squirt some hair oil over the unmade bed. Oh Sh**t! Nothing for it, but to strip the bed and get the bedding washed….and with the weather as it was, it meant using the tumble dryer. Hey ho.

Two dried sheets and some pillow cases later, the sun came out and, unbelievably, it stayed shining with the force six Southerly wind. The remainder of the bedding was pinned up on the washing line, with a bit of a windy push and shove.

If the Meteorological Office is correct, the weekend forecast is said not to be up to much. Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound; the next wash went on, all the towels, followed by two more wash loads. When I have finished writing this post,I shall nip out and bring in all the force six wind dried washing.



0 thoughts on “A WINDY PUSH AND SHOVE

  1. :)) My duvet cover almost flew off, and it is heavy. I am surprised the washing line stayed intact.

    Must go and get the rest of the washing in now, before the weather changes into something unwelcome.

  2. Our weather has been like that off and on for a month.And the humidity has been a killer. But the last do days have been real decent. Holding breath for the next change LOL

  3. Hello, thanks for stopping by.

    We’re lucky to have any period, more than a day or two, of relatively decent weather where I live. There has been about ten days I think, (not sure, because I was away getting even better weather elsewhere!)without any major wind conditions. Yesterday was the strongest wind and ideal for heavy washing, if you didn’t get blown over. It saved on my electricity costs. That’s got to be good. 🙂

    Late evening, when I brought indoors the last two loads of wash, the wind had dropped, it was a strange calm with a deep red and fabulous sunset.

    Today is mixed and there may be rain. The humidity feels high.

  4. I have missed talking to people but was really sick. But the humidity was a killer to.But today is mild and the humidity is down but the holidays are here so you know it will be hot. hugs my friend

  5. I hope the weather gets more comfortable for you.

    We had a mixture of weather patterns today, one side of the county really breezy (a good wind really) the other side less so. Each side was very warm and there was a noticeable humidity around. However, my washed coats were dry in no time on the washing line. The weekend forecast is not so warm and probably, it will be wet.

    This warm, sunny weather puts me back in touch with my freckles!

  6. I only own one peg bag, I’d need to purchase another three and pegs to go in it, if these strong winds persist. Every item is pegged up with additional pegs at the present time! My big heavy duty pegs live in a separate place and in their own clear bag. They were in use today with bath mats. Even one set of those needed some adjustment.

    I hear we could be in for 60mph winds tomorrow, if the forecasters are correct. They did add, such high winds are unusual for this time of year. I’d say so too.

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