I don’t believe it! I want to change the default pin code (factory set) on my cell phone. The steps worked fine with the old phone, (same model) and in guiding the OH to set his, again the same type of phone. Oh Bu — er!!!! and —- ! I’m locked out and I haven’t got the sim card phone number. ‘Please enter your PUK” the phone demands. I can’t do that either, I’ve put the card information in a safe place. Like all safe places, I cannot remember where it is. I desperately need the unlocking code.

I get cheaper texts on my pay-as-you-go card. I use the [locked] sim in another old phone. My texting life is underwhelming. Is there is any useful history from anyone to whom I have sent a text: no such luck. The phone company can’t help without the sim phone number. At this point I explode into more expletives I won’t bore you with.

Just as I decide to buy a new sim card and make a serious mental promise to myself to put the telephone number in several places, there’s a breakthrough! …. OH remembers he made a note of my ‘text phone’ number on his old discarded phone. Eureka! :yes:



  1. I really hate the way they ask for all sorts of numbers and I can never remember where I’ve put them, either. I can’t even remember what they all are, or what the difference is! Glad you got it sorted in the end.

  2. Thanks Gillyk. I wouldn’t mind so much about the phone pin code if the steps worked for me on the spare phone, as they did on the main one and hubby’s very old model. The upshot was, hubby got the more recent model of the same type, a bit sooner than I might have relinquished it. His extra old one was failing.

    Now I have to decide what to do with my unlocked sim card. 🙂

    All the numbers we have to have for all sorts of things do get wearisome and, as you say, they are impossible at times to remember for the thing they are attached to!

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