Yay! It has turned up, like the proverbial bad penny.

Like a ghost train going to nowhere, the remaining slipper sock- recovered from the washing machine- sat, sat and sat. “It’s time“, I thought, after six months of looking at it resting in a corner of the kitchen, “to get rid of the darn thing”. I thought about other uses for the sock, like a glove duster, it wasn’t really suitable for it.

The day of execution arrived. As I rolled out of bed, hubby grumbled “you’ve got a sock on the floor”…”I must have dropped it last night”. It probably missed the laundry basket. As I dozily reached for the familiar object, I wondered how it appeared on the bedroom floor from the kitchen. Okay, the easiest way to find out was to check. Sock in hand, I ventured to where it should have been. Oh! I had two the same. The pair of slipper socks are now happily resting in rolled proximity to one another.


0 thoughts on “SOCKS REUNITED.

  1. I wonder why it’s so great when that happens?? It is very satisfying! When I was clearing my parents’ house I found an old dancing fairy that I’d had when I was a child. But the key had been lost decades ago. Blow me, sister in law went on a mission, looked through all the ‘bits’ and lo and behold – the key. So now the fairy dances again – even though her wand is broken and she’s a bit creaky – like me!!!

  2. delightful story, Lovely find. It must be really evocative to wind up your childhood fairy and let it dance.

    My sock was more of a case of obstinacy on my part. I knew I had put two socks in the washing machine, and what’s more, (the big difference to the usual situation) I took two out. Where the prodigal sock had disappeared to in the meantime was a total mystery. All the obvious checks were done, including feeling around in duvet covers and shaking out sheets.

    I do peek at the pair of slipper socks on a daily basis, as they reside in my sock and tights together with other undies drawer

  3. There’s an idea. Years ago, I saw a prototype of a keyhole camera used for undersea pipes. That might do the trick. I’ll just have to think about what I will attach it to. 😉

  4. Hi Lilian,

    I quite like the odd socks brigade; these two slipper socks however, do match.

    I got fed up with the half a pair scene and decided to challenge it. First of all little plastic feet that you stuffed the end of the socks into worked, then they stretched. My most successful counter-campaign, is using fine mesh net bags that zip up; the odd zip has failed but has not led to lost socks.

    I’m glad I waited for the other sock to turn up. It was a close shave. You wonder what gremlin was at work.

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