Goofs, gaffs, sound-bites, call them by whatever noun you like, but these two gems were picked up from easy listening to BBC Radio.

1. In relation to limbering up for serious gardening: we are “too sedatory

2. Boris Johnston, current Mayor of London, “Puts his mouth where his bum is…”



  1. I would say his mouth is already where his bum is …

    Saw a great one on the banner headlines of BBC News channel: ‘retaliatoy’. Sounds like a war-game.

  2. Aow ! I like very much these “intellectual” expressions…

    Seriously, it’s a French humour evolution. We like the salacious jokes (l’humour Gaulois)… :)) :)) :))

  3. Nice ones !

    One I heard recently which may or may not be well-known is ‘I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel’ ! Allegedly from Stuart Pearce (ex-England footballer). Dunno when that gem was committed though.


  4. Said footballer must have had carrot-benefited eyesight,or was seeing a psychedelic carrot, or was suffering with hallucinations. What would all that say about his neurone and brain functioning. I shan’t attempt to answer that question.

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