It was not quite the kind of visitor I would have expected to be introduced to, but there it was, being offered a morsel of fish. “So, will Arsenal win their next football match?”…… no recognisable response, the visitor obviously was not going to play ball. He was too busy tying himself in knots

There before my disbelieving eyes was an Octopus. Paul, the football eight-leggéd foreteller, much revered by the Germans who have him, and even more deified by the Spanish, who he foretold would win the Football World Cup and want Paul, has nothing to worry about. My unexpected guest has a long way to develop and grow in global and physical stature.

P1030193 2010 July 30th Octopus

It is highly doubtful that this junior octopus will be as gifted as his German counterpart. His tastes in mates is a bit suspect. He was tempted by a lure that looked a bit like him in miniature, however, it had many more fronds, than he has legs!

P1030192 2010 July 30 Octo visit



  1. I can imagine the effects of being grabbed by several octopus legs. This is the first live one I have seen close up. We did not keep it, the visitor returned to the deep.

  2. Yes, the octopus that are caught for eating are very different from the South Atlantic 6-footers which sometimes got washed into the rock pools of the island where we were living then! The islanders loved them – apparently they made great bait.

  3. I never thought about my courage… it was a shiny body, not much different to look at from, say, a trout in water or on ice to pick up to prepare. The difference was, the octopus was vaguely tepid to the touch.

  4. I believe that by the time I saw the octopus, it was tired. It had been through the Fright and Flight process, hubby has photos of it flopping in and out of buckets or whatever. They are are an interesting set.

  5. I would not be so arrogant as to assume that of an octopus. A cat or a dog perhaps, even a hamster, but not an eight leggéd creature from the watery deep.

    :no: 🙂

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