Now we really know how THE TOM TOM GPS manufacturer makes its money. It isn’t just the initial sales of the equipment. In our case we were gifted an expensive Tom Tom, I have posted about it before. We were soon made aware that the installed maps had newer counterparts. Having made several journeys using the GPS with maps that were at least 3 years out of date, (that’s being kind) and finding ourselves pitifully damned by the agéd directions in busy cities, we finally caved in, deciding to pay to download an up-to-date map.

An up-to-date map! How could we have been so naive. Yes, there were two maps to download, UK and Western Europe, individually priced. The catch all; it was impossible to download just one of the two, it was not allowed. The customer had to have all or nothing. To buy, to update the Tom Tom, was the princely sum of £60. For that, in addition, there were cheaper quarterly updates for a year. Big deal.

Tom. Tom, I do hope you get stung. It is sharp practice. The equipment should have been sold with up-to-date maps in the first place.


0 thoughts on “TOM TOM – SHARP PRACTICE

  1. I don’t know if the GPS clones perform the same nasty trick.

    If we’re offered another one, depending who the offer is from, we will be careful to suggest alternative ideas. A gift from someone special, presented as a fait-acommplis is a different matter. Companies rely on gifts, the latest gizmo must-have and importantly, requirement.

  2. I have a Tom-Tom, but it is a life annuity for them and a real rent for us.
    I do not use it any more.
    Since, I bought Takara, more economic, with much more practical and free updates for speed-radars…

  3. You never said a truer word.

    Is Takara a French equivalent to the Tom Tom? I do have speed radar warnings, they were working okay, but the machine does not pick up the mobile speed radars. Does any domestic GPS?

    I won’t be updating the Tom Tom maps, (one I don’t even expect to use ) for a long time, if ever.

  4. Our Satnav goes insane every so often. I swear she is taking on a life of her own. One day she will run amok and try to take over the world.

    The other problem is that there is no satellite signal where we live… you have to know where you’re going for about 6 miles first before the route finally loads.:roll:

  5. Oh brilliant! No point in Tom Tom harassing you to buy updates, even those that are no practical use to you.

    I intend to investigate another that has been mentioned. Not that I shall change anything I have just yet…forewarned is forearmed, and all that.


  6. My daughter had a Sat Nav’ that actually stopped working after a few years of her ignoring its requests to update maps. Simply wont work with the old ones. That was going to cost about £40 to update just UK maps – Brand name – Garmin.:##

  7. Takara is probably made in China… Renault sell this Sat Nav… It indicates the fixed speed radars, but not the mobiles (It wrans only that the zone is usual in the mobile radars). It indicates that we exceed the authorized speed.

  8. This is interesting. Tom-Tom does exactly the same as your Takara regarding speed radar equipment, and also indicates the authorised speed in a zone. Difference, with updates, we pay!

    It will be the first and last time I pay for any updates to maps, especially when one of them is not likely to be used.

  9. They are all at it aren’t they. I was forced to download two, not allowed to have just the one I wanted and was going to be using. That put up the cost of update by 60%. I really do think it is a trading standards issue, it is doubtful they would deal with it.

    I have a friend who has mentioned Takara, supplied with Renault vehicles. I guess it must be available without a car surrounding it! Have a look at what Nenesse has said about Takara.

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