As occasionally takes my fancy, I looked at blogs other than those of friends. I did just that a few moments ago. Not one on the page was a personal post, that is, excluding the ones in other languages I could not quite fathom. The blogs were all selling something. I am not sure that the unfathomable ones were not doing likewise, it looked suspiciously like it.

Don’t the on-line sales fora that exist provide enough of a sales arena for people: it does not seem so. I guess you try every avenue to sell your wares if you are trying to open up a market place for what you have. It does mean though, that the blogging arena gets clogged up with desperate sellers.

There has been a regular flow of marketing attempts masquerading as blogs for as long as I can remember on BCUK. It can only get heavier as the economies of nations contract.


0 thoughts on “MARKET PLACE

  1. La Spice made a similar comment. It is extremely frustrating because there is no easy way to find genuine bloggers that aren’t part of the mainstream ‘friends of friends’. I’m always amazed any spammer can think someone would buy a product they recommend.

  2. I guess it’s one of the reasons that FB is now so successful. But it would be nice to have a selective domain that just posted personal blogs!

  3. The spammers and potential sellers clog up every avenue they can use, simply because there will be some hits from the thousands of ‘mail drops’ they make, some hits they would not get if they did not act the way they do

    BCUK get numerous hits from their spurious blog fraternity, thereby, keeping up their rating numbers for advertising revenues from various sources.

    Some bloggers unfortunately use the same scattergun approach, drowning people’s sites in an overkill of variable quality posts. In so doing, they can roll out dubious information on behalf of others.

  4. As I indicated to Spicey, earlier, I sometimes read randomly but take care about posts that appear ???? Must admit there have been a spate of these….;)

  5. I didn’t read anything at all, not even randomly on the blog co. pages, it wasn’t worth my time. It was obvious what was happening.

    When someone attempts to put a sales pitch on my personal site, it generally gets short shrift.

    The issue was, that a whole page of so-called posts, were sales pitches. It has been such for a long time.

  6. The sales-people don’t get on to my friends’ list. The less access these people get to individual blog sites, the better. They are a nuisance and some are viral.

  7. Those points are very true, Shimon, however, it becomes more difficult to find a real post, a true blogger. Some days, there are more sales ‘posts’ than blogs to read.

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