Bless my sibling’s internet paranoia and bless mine, I say! The most recent intrusion into our lives came when we had a spate of unexpected visitors and phone calls.

“Does Michael need help?” ……”What kind of help?”

All these concerned people had received emails purporting to come from a relative, who had been mugged at gunpoint in Spain, robbed of everything valuable including cash. ‘Please send dollars to…..’

Michael was on holiday in the UK. We allayed people’s multiple concerns and contacted Michael to alert him to his alleged parlous state. He had received the news just before I called. He assured me his home computer was closed down and disconnected from the mains socket.

As a consequence of the internet alarm, Michael used part of a day of his short vacation to do something he has never done, and that is, use an internet café to access his internet information and check on any online accounts. Fortunately, there was only one personal account, one that sent out invoices rather taking payments. Just to be safe he cancelled his debit and credit card.

As soon as he returned home, Michael set about tracing the source of the rogue email. There were two web mail providers in use for groups Michael helped to run, both with very big mailing lists. One of his accounts he could see, but he could not enter it. His password had been tampered with. He was still data cleansing his computer, running security checks and revising his emailing arrangements, a day later.

It takes one person in the group of contacts who may not be so careful or knowledgeable with internet security to allow infiltration and start a chain of upsetting and intrusive events.

Michael is careful how his operates his computer system. Many people are not. He has no interest in smart phones. That is just as well, in view of the latest reports there are on the rich pickings to be had by hacking into smart phones and accessing not just the phones, but the personal databases and banking details stored on them.


0 thoughts on “BLASTED INTRUSION

  1. I think he’s nearly sorted and revised his arrangements…it’s truly a pain and a painstaking task. It’s just as well he knows what he is doing and is technically adept.

  2. It gives cold sweat…
    I too, was swindled by a Web site.

    Since I am much more careful. I buy on-line, but with a single site of payment. I refuse to buy in a shop which has no this site of payment…

    I erase all spams, without reading them… (Moreover, I almost erased an email of photos resulting from my family)… :)) :>>

  3. Yes, you are indeed right to have just one payment site. This problem was a hacking job into two mailing list with several hundreds of people on the lists. Michael was the ‘manager’ of the two lists. He sends clubs information emails to these people. One weak security link can cause problems for everyone.

    The two web sites were Yahoo and Gmail(google’s own site) and it was the gmail password that was altered. It does create a cold sweat when something like this happens.

  4. J’ai faisait beaucoup securité toujour. Il est tres importante.

    Moi je n’aime pas d’etre sur une liste des contactes de email par-ce-que il y a toujour une risque – il est imposssible de lui eviter.

  5. Hi Marika,

    My sibling and I share different levels of caution about the internet and using it, we are though, in agreement about the sources of our various approaches and concerns and work in our differing ways to avoid problems as much as we can.

    Michael is a relative, not a brother. He is in the unlucky position, as a result of his community-minded spirit, of sorting out two large mailing lists that he runs for two popular local societies, to which he contributes in many other ways too.

    The lists involve hundreds of names. Fortunately for me, mine is not on either of the lists. I dislike internet mailing lists as they are vulnerable, susceptible to hacking through a weak link. It could be someone who is not so savvy or careful about security on their computer systems. Even so, Michael, who is savvy and aware, has been affected, most likely because someone on the list has been lax.

    Gmail and Yahoo lists were hacked into. The Gmail account list had the password tampered with, so Michael can no longer work in that account, though he can see it. Gmail, because of their security, want all sorts of information to allow any changes. Therefore, Michael has abandoned that account. It leaves a lot of names available to the hackers to use and abuse.

    Concerned people actually came to the house as well to see us, they were so worried and willing to help if necessary!

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