Watch your raspberries!

I was in heaven, when on a walk I unexpectedly arrived at a host of ripe wild raspberries on bushes, moved on and found yet more and more. The berries were sweet, you could almost drink their moistness. I walked a little between the discoveries of fruit laden finds, munching some of the small berry clusters growing at each bush stop. ‘Forest’ upon ‘forest’ of fruit bushes presented themselves. Yum.

I picked a few more raspberries, popped them into my mouth, then refilled my hand with more and popped them into my mouth and so it happily continued. This was truly one of nature’s delights. But, the little fruits became unexpectedly wild. A sharp hot needle invaded the roof of my mouth. I swiftly blew back the couple of raspberries that were there, into my hand. Oh dear, there was a little bee in one of the fruit clusters, it had done what nature intended, poor thing. 88|

Deciding not to take any risks with bee stings, I made a swift retreat home.


0 thoughts on “WILD RASPBERRIES

  1. Oh that’s awful, Menhir, I do hope you’re okay now!

    I can’t resist wild raspberries either – so much nicer than strawberries (although I wouldn’t refuse them, either!) πŸ™‚

  2. I had this conversation yesterday with someone, whose auditory faculties managed to add to the foodie explanation, ‘milkshake’. In disbelief he exclaimed, “Stung by a raspberry milkshake!” ❓

  3. certainly a parable, and we have taken it to heart, with the hope it doesn’t dissuade us from the sweet pleasures of life. wishing you a beautiful week end.

  4. Indeed, Shimon, there is a parable in the event. For me there were personal unintended consequences, which, fortunately I was in a position to deal with.

    Thank you for your wishes.

    Shabbat Shalom Shimon.

  5. Could be the law of diminishing returns. I tend to believe in that man’s case, it was a combination of his mind darting all over the place and him starting a drink he’d ordered. I guess I could have answered the milkshake query with “shaken but not stirred”. However, after two attempts at trying to amend his hearing mixes, his wife stepped in. Even she had to say what happened, twice, before realisation dawned….”Oh on a raspberry”.


  6. Thanks Tylluan. I did feel pity for the bee, after all, in the circumstances, me munching blindly, I did provoke it to make the final sting. I felt the heat spread and there was some swelling.

    I double-dosed myself when I got home and by Monday morning there was no problem.

    There’s much to be said for wild fruits, especially raspberries, I agree. Strawberries can be good in season, though it is so dependent on the variety as to how luscious they may be.

  7. The bushes were probably where they were to encourage wild life, including bees. I don’t think I come under the heading of wild-life but there you are, hey ho. They were lovely berries.


  8. Hi Shefftox,

    Thanks. Let’s put it this way…my discomforts could have been worse than they were. I know I have real problems with beeswax, also I’m not a great honey fan. Knowing this, I took the necessary action.

    Those raspberries were gloriously delicious. Motto: check what around when picking fruit and before introducing anything to hands and mouth.

  9. Presque, mais pas de tout.

    I am not sure my French is correct…what I am trying to say is;

    ‘Almost, but not entirely’ or, more colloquially, ‘ almost but not quite’


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