There is nothing to post about, said the blank sleepy half of my mind. …. Oh yes there is, said the busy more energetic half. ….. Right clever clogs, what should I blog about then? The wind of course, what else?…..Lots of places have wind, people know what wind is like …..yes, they do. You have your experience and they have theirs. I couldn’t argue with that logic. Here is my experience of today’s windy conditions.

I fought with the high winds today to get washing onto the line. Having been slapped around the face a few times by wet washing I succeeded in getting the items triple pegged up, then chased after the wash basket and the peg bag as they whizzed down the garden at a rate of knots.

The wind had got fiercer when the last lot of washing was pegged out on the line. This time, I tried to keep one foot in the wash basket to hold it in place. With one hand I grabbed at the circular washing line; it needed all my strength to hold it. I felt myself being pulled round. The foot in the basket rose, like I was about to do a leg stretch fly-past. I let go of the line and got my two feet placed firmly on the ground. Finding it safer to pick up a garment first with pegs in teeth, I grabbed again at the washing line. Thus, by this method, the job was completed and I chased yet again, at some speed, after the errant wash basket and the peg bag which were making another dash elsewhere.

The problem is, the winds are still very fierce, sounds like gale force has really loudly set in, and I’ve got to reverse the process, unpeg the washing from the line, make sure it doesn’t fly off,and all the while keep myself upright.

See, said busy mind, I told you so, there’s your post. Now go and fight again with the elements. Right, I begrudgingly think, but after that, I am going to let my sleepy mind take over.



0 thoughts on “A WHIZZING TRIUMPH

  1. Ha ha – I know that feeling so well, though perhaps not quite such an ‘extreme sport’ down here. The upside for us coastal people is that we don’t need a tumble dryer with wind like that. Hope you got it all in safely. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your kind words Shimon.

    There is a gale roaring outside, and the weather forecasters call it ‘blustery’.

    We are close to the sea. Frankly, I would not like to be in a boat on the sea right now, it would definitely be a foul experience.

  3. Doze on is right. S-i-L who has slightly more shelter than we do, was too scared to try to put out washing, especially sheets, she said. Was I mad, or mad, or what? :no:

  4. Hi Ellie,

    Yup, I got it all safely retrieved thanks. However, much to my surprise, the wash was not as dry as I expected. some of the heavier materials were still quite damp in parts. Last night when the wind was not quite as awful, (bad enough though) the wash that came in was as damp as it was when pegged out on the line. Today’s was a bit more worthwhile, but the lack of drying suggests there was a lot of moisture in the wind.

    If this was late Autumn or Winter, I would not have tried to fight the elements, it would have been bitterly and bitingly cold.

  5. Many thanks for your support for my athletic attempts, Lilian. 🙂 It’s at times like these, I would like my calmer weather conditions of London. Very rarely did I have to worry about gales. Here, is a different story.

  6. mais oui, bien sur! Le linge et moi, tous les deux son coupe par le vent. :yes:

    Je suis encore vivre. L’ame decrivee en la chanson ils ont disparu. :**:

    Je suis encore ici. 🙂

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