There was no let up of the wind speeds yesterday, they were even higher than earlier in the week. My little patch of garden edibles was taking a real hammering. For nearly three days the leaves and flowers had survived, being pushed across in one direction and bowed down in yet another. It was difficult for me to harvest anything.

By tea time rain had arrived. I took a deep bowl to attempt to collect a variety garden salads. I specially chose that bowl as I thought it might be easier to protect the little bit of crop I picked. What a sad sight met my eyes. The leaves and flowers already battered by wind had now been softened by driving rain, to such an extent that they had become soggy and torn. I pressed the top of the bowl against me to keep the little amount I had been able to pick from being lifted by the wind. There was not enough for a suitable serving. The weather conditions were just too awful to pick a decent quantity. In the haven of my kitchen I added suitable extras from the fridge to the salad serving bowl.

I have not looked at my little kitchen garden today. I found it so disheartening yesterday to see how it had all been chewed up by the weather. Tomorrow’s another day.


0 thoughts on “ALL CHEWED UP

  1. My plants are all salad plants. At this time of year it is usually possible to have a season of growth. 2010 has been a strange year; the weather was very late warming up. We are usually 6 weeks behind the rest of the UK with our plants, this year it has been nearer to 12 weeks later than normal. I think other parts of the UK have been a bit later than they expected to be a well, but not as late as us. It will be a shorter than normal growing period.

    C’est une domage par ce que nous voulont bien nos salades frais de la jardin. Ils ont gouter beaucoup different de celui dans les magasins.

  2. :))

    Il n ya pas temps suffis pour utiliser de conservateurs dans notre part de la monde. La saison est dejá passée, presque avant il est commencée…specialment cettee annee.

  3. Hi Marika,

    I obtained a little of my gardening efforts, difficult though it was to pick anything in those winds and the rain. The sight the next day was sad. There won’t be enough time for the plants facing N.W. to recover unless we have an unusually long warm Autumn, (very unlikely).

    The S.E. corner fared a little better, though the few decorative plants I have there and the various mint plants were wind burned.

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