My heavens….they have opened with torrential hailstones and heavy vertical rain. It feels as if the temperatures have fallen by about 4 degrees Celsius, at least. Where was Summer and should I now be asking where is Autumn?

It’s amazing what else comes via airmail, that is apart from torrential hailstones and curtains of rain. I received a superb light green cabbage,which was hurled over the six feet high garden fence this morning. The cabbage landed on the grass and was invitingly waiting for me to take delivery of it. It would sit well in any vegetable produce show. It is huge!

In between stormy bursts, we wandered to the local supermarket just to break into the building sense of cabin fever. The weather forecasters foretell that we have a whole week of this strange and inhospitable weather to look forward to.


0 thoughts on “MY HEAVENS!

  1. The thing is menhir where did summer go it seems we only had a glimpse of it this year 🙄 it seems to rain alot where you live too …although its actually been raining all day here which the plants will appreciate at least 😉

  2. Hi Lilian,

    We have had an awful lot of rain, our plants are not hungry for it like yours are. some of mine have been drowning in the wet stuff as well as being wind burned by never-ending gales. The hailstones today that did not melt away in a hurry, were a surprise.

  3. Do you mean to say the wind was so strong, it tore up a cabbage from someone else’s plot and donated it to you??? It wouldn’t surprise me, as the wind here today, at the opposite end of the country, has been terrifically violent. Though at least it brings you gifts – I just fear for my remaining runner beans. Grrr, I hate the wind and horizonal rain 😦

  4. I thought horizontal rain was a speciality for our neck of the UK, obviously not. I’m with you on that one, it is a nasty kind of piercing rain. I haven’t quite got my terminology together for ‘vertical curtains’ of rain, except that and ‘torrential’.

    Our neighbouring farmers used the ability of amateur shot-putters and the wind to deliver the cabbage. We had violent winds, true gales for several days last week, and more aggressive winds this week, like you have experienced, it seems. :**:

  5. 🙂

    Mais non, le choux etais un cadeaux de ma voisine la fermiere. J’ai achetée des oeufs chez elle, et quand je volou acheter aussie un choux elle m’as refusée et dite que lui moi donner un autre fois. Voila, c’est la, c’est tout!

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