What else can happen this week?

Monday night: the distinctive throbbing sound of a helicopter flying low over our rooftop was heard. The blades whizzed. It was not the type of craft we might see in these parts, for example, the air-ambulance is bright yellow. The helicopter hovered around for quite some time in the dark, particularly in one position not far away.

The reason: A seventeen year old lad had fallen over a cliff walk. The accident was, fortunately for him, seen and reported quite quickly. The life boat was alerted as were the coast guard and a search and rescue helicopter from further down the coast. The crew found the injured boy and winched him up taking him to hospital. Very few people survive falls in that area. We know much more about the survivors because they have lived to tell their tales. So far, I know of only one survivor who now apparently leads his daily life relatively physically unscathed.

At about 10.15pm last night,(Tuesday 14th September) we heard the most awful crashing sound. Had our neighbour had an accident with a large tractor perhaps? There was nothing to be seen out of our window but the usual night scene of farm equipment at rest. The street was also quiet. Then we heard the crashing noise again. Hubby and I looked at one another. It couldn’t be surely, not with the day of torrential rain and hailstones we had just had. Just as we verbalised our thoughts, the sky was rent with lightening twice in quick succession.

Today is Wednesday, the week is not over yet.


0 thoughts on “IS THERE MORE TO COME?

  1. Oh dear menhir the rain gods are certainly playing havoc in your neck of the woods πŸ™„ I saw the weather forecast for Scotland which predicted gales and storms lets hope it passes soon πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Lillian,

    I was watching a forecast that was predicting all sorts of horrors, nothing said about the hail, or the thunder and lightening and it also omitted the fire and brimstone.

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