“The Church does not survive on Hail Mary’s alone”

These words are attributed to the deceased prelate Archbishop Paul Marcinkus prior to him taking sanctuary from police investigations, in the Vatican, during the last Vatican banking scandal. It was a rather dark and nasty affair, where huge amounts of money were unaccounted for. The Italian Financier Roberto Calvi, also known as ‘God’s Banker’, because of his connection with the bank, Il Banco Ambrosio, was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge, London, UK. in 1982.

It could be conjected that the latest little Vatican banking scandal, reported today, Tuesday 21st September, 2010, in which money laundering is being investigated, will be a welcome diversion from the global sexual child abuse scandals that have come to haunt the Catholic Church.



  1. You have a point LLC but the crimes are both global and very serious in their differing natures. However, one crime is more physical and personally focussed, giving it a higher profile, (rightly so in my judgement). The other one is removed from the direct line but can effect all of us.

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